Newman Elementary’s Walk to School Day


Dear Parents, Students, Administrators and Teachers,
The Newman Elementary Walk to School will begin at 7:15 AM. Everyone is
requested to walk with their child/children from home and meet at Boulder
Park at 7:15 AM. Rufus the City’s Recycling Mascot for Environmental
Services will be present to encourage and motivate the walkers. There will
be prizes for the first 50 walkers. Ms. Gilbert and the Teachers will be
present to greet children and High-Five them!

What can YOU do? Join us on Friday, October 25th , 2019

  1. Make a plan for a safe route to school
    a. This includes a route that uses cross-walks and sidewalks and
    avoids active construction.
    b. Wear brightly colored clothing or walk in groups.
    c. Enlisting friends, parents or guardians to come along for some
    exercise and safety.
  2. Make sure you have a good healthy breakfast and get plenty of sleep
    the night before.
  3. Walk with friends or guardians using your “safe route” to school. Be sure
    to use cross walks and observe traffic signals and crossing
  4. Have Fun!

PTA President - Michelle Nuosce, PTA Environmental- Namitha Pais
Lets make this day fun! A Healthy Child is a Happy Child

Friday, November 8, 2019 7:15am

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